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Business Plan? Who, ME?!

I signed up for a class that has brought up the subject of business plans. I strongly recommend this article they sent us to: plus you’ll want to read

My first thought to all this was: “business plan? whaaa…?” I have ONE epub book out. That’s it. Also, to me, business plans dealt with…you know… numbers and flow charts and such. *shudders* But then I opened the plan and read the fine print, and I could *feel* my brain kicking into gear! Even my Muse poked her head up and said “oh really?”

When reading through the article on introducing the business plan for writers, this pretty much jumped off the page and smacked me in the face:
* What path will take us toward our success goal? Are we on that path already? If not, what do we need to do to get on that path?
* Are we spending time on activities that impede our goals? Are adjustments needed to refocus on activities that match our goals?

um… well. *blushes* My bad. I do have the time to write, but I allow myself to get distracted. No excuses. So I have to really face that, and accept that challenge head-on. I DO want to write, I do want to be published. It’s my #1 priority in life (after breathing). So if it’s not getting done, that’s on me. The buck stops here, and all that.

There are, however, some valid issues that arise from time to time, that interfere with writing. So… (this first lesson really got the brain working, I must say)

1. Pain. I have spinal stenosis and a knee that’s bone-on-bone. Acute pain is a frequent issue. I always have a certain amount of low-level chronic pain; mostly I ignore that, but if it ratchets up, it can and does interfere with the writing process…. even more if I have to take pain meds, which make me sleepy/groggy at worst and loopy at best. During those times, however, I *can* edit. Doesn’t matter if I can’t focus for long periods of times, I can work on a paragraph at a time.

2. When the scene is there in my head, but the words to write it just won’t come. This is a Serious Nasty trick my Muse likes to play on me. I do have a a work-around on this one, the problem is, I dont DO it. It’s like having a headache but you don’t go take aspirin until it’s too late, right? I’ve found that dictating the scene while it’s in my head, is amazing. It comes out stream-of-conscious just as I see/hear/feel/experience it in the moment, and I dont’ have to worry about struggling for how to get exactly the right wording down. By capturing it in-the-moment in voice, then when I go back and transcribe it, I can take my time with the wording, while the recording keeps the in-the-moment feel of the scene that it had when I recorded it.

The problem with these solutions above? It doesn’t WORK if I don’t DO it!!!!!! The problem with these solutions above? It doesn’t WORK if I don’t DO it!! So.. starting now, I’m taking this on!

For the business plan itself, I found it was very helpful to actually get down in black and white, things I already knew and had swirling around in my mind. Which wasn’t more than just the basics, and in no particular order. So I downloaded the form from the article, and got those thoughts all sorted and organized 🙂 It’s not much, admittedly. But it’s a starting point.


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