Truck Stop

Slowly but steadily!

The proof of Truck Stop in paperback arrived last night. I poured over it carefully last night and most of today. I only found 2 errors, minor formatting stuff that only someone OCD like me would even notice, much less care about *le snicker* Anyway! got those fixed, and uploaded the file and submitted it for final review to CreateSpace. Then I went into Kindle Direct Publishing and, working through step-by-step instructions, figured out how to make a Table of Contents for the Kindle version (and it worked!!! OMG! Who’d’a thunk?). A few more formatting changes were needed for that (like taking out pagination, since that’s not used in eBooks), and so forth. Then I got the final of that previewed and the submitted for final review to KDP. I should hear in about 24 hours from CreateSpace, and up to 72 hours from KDP, and then the new version goes live!

Truck Stop-border250


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